Gambling Cruises With VIP Loyalty Programs

Gambling Cruises With VIP Loyalty Programs

During the recent global recessions, almost every aspect of tourism is down by as much as 70% worldwide and the gambling industry is certainly no exception. Even the big-named hotels are getting stingy with comps as their frequent annual patrons are opting to stay at home and save money, which really hurts the entire industry even more. The one good bit of news that surfaces from a struggling casino industry is that gambling cruises seem to be growing by leaps and bounds.

Why Go on a Cruise?

Why would anyone want to go on a gambling cruise? Sure, they’re luxurious and they feed you well during the voyage, but cruises are thought to be expensive when compared with destinations like Vegas and Macau plus they lock gamblers in for several days at a time.

Who would want to go on a cruise halfway across the world when there’s a casino a few hours away? Just about everyone.

The Cost of Traditional Cruises

There are several things that you probably do not know about the cruise industry and their VIP loyalty programs, starting with their actual cost. Sure, it may seem like a lot when you consider $400-800 per person for a full week at sea, but that price includes your meals, entertainment, alcohol, and just about anything else you can imagine. Once you step on the ship, everything is usually paid for unless you opt for spa treatment or some kind of specialty class…, which nobody really needs in the first place. There are way too many free things to do on cruise ships.

Mini Cruises for Gambling

Let’s get right to the heart of the matter; the VIP loyalty programs on gambling cruises. In many countries this type of program is not at all what you’d expect; instead of several days in the middle of the ocean, these cruise liners only depart for 3-5 hours at a time. Once you hit international waters the gambling starts immediately, but there’s still the free prime rib buffet and the other perks you’ve become accustomed to as well. What is the price for these mini-cruises, you ask? In most cases, they’re completely free.

VIP Cruise

Perks It may sound a little too good to be true, but honestly we haven’t even reached the best part yet. Most VIP programs on cruise ships give their VIP players match play up to $1,000 per night, which means the first thousand dollars in bets you’re receiving 2:1 odds right off the bat. That puts the casino at a 97% disadvantage at blackjack, for instance, but the cruises offer these perks because they are desperate for business.

Cashing in on VIP Cruise Rewards

So you’re probably wondering by now how to use VIP cruises to your advantage. The answer is simple; accept their free boarding offer, wager with your match play, and then stop shortly after it runs out (which is usually 1-15 minutes depending on how much you wager). Now that you’ve made some easy profit, go eat a great dinner, sip some alcoholic beverages on the pool deck, and wait until the ship is headed back into port before taking your seat in the casino again. From this point forward, bet only with your profits and you’re guaranteed a terrific night that was completely free of charge.

Some of the larger cruise ships have the same type of VIP program and if you travel them frequently enough, they will often comp up to four guests at a time on your behalf. That adds up to completely free family vacations and the land based casinos can not touch these incentives without losing a boatload of money (pardon the pun). For now, VIP cruise ships are definitely the way to go.