Best Strategy for Playing Poker Online

Best Strategy for Playing Poker Online

Are you wondering why your win-loss ratio in online poker has not improved, though you’ve been at it for a long time now? That could simply mean one thing: not that your regular opponents are stronger players by nature or more intellectually gifted, but they may know more tricks or strategies to use against you. Let this article help you out with tips on how to play online poker better than your opponents. Always have fun in the game.

According to some chess grandmasters, it is impossible to reach world-class expertise in the game if you take it way too seriously. Having fun in the game is crucial, and the same could be said about poker.

Online poker serves a number of benefits. First, it is very accessible. With an Internet connection and a secured PC, you’re all set to play after signing up. You don’t have to fly all the way to Vegas just to get some casino action. If you’re a beginner, you’ll find easily online poker rooms that suit the level of your expertise. You can even play for free money to learn about the game. Another benefit is the number of poker rooms you can find online. There are poker rooms for beginners as well as high-stake gamblers. Online poker also proves to be a good idea for relaxation. You don’t see your opponents, so you don’t necessarily have to feel nervous and stressed about your next move.

If you could not find joy in playing poker, it would be hard to master some strategies and beat your opponents. Without enjoying the game, you can easily get frustrated, leave the table empty-handed or make a lot of betting mistakes. This is because your emotions can greatly affect your every move and decision. If you’re a little stressed out, it will easily show. You may be too impatient to wait for a good flop or may get too excited to win the pot that you’re rasing more than you should. Beginner or already a pro, everyone must understand that losing is part of the game. This is because poker is not entirely about your skills as a player but is also considered a game of chance. Even you can read your opponents pretty well, there’s no sure way for you to know what the next flop will be. Learn some techniques in pre-flop action.

The choice of strategies in pre-flop action is crucial. For this, you may want to brush up on some of your poker strategies. Showdowns between poker masters is a good way to start. You can watch videos on how some poker greats managed to win the pot all for themselves, or read up on some online poker tips from the pros. With these, you’ll probably get a good idea about hand selections, bettting strategies, and game analysis. Each player will be given different starting hands such as good hands, suited connectors, rags, middlemen, and big guns. If you’re lucky enough to start with big guns, meaning, face cards and aces, you definitely have to consider raising your bets. With these cards, you can be aggressive, considering that lady luck may be on your side. If you started with good hands, (ace and queen, king and queen, ace and jack, jack and ten, or king and jack), the higher your chances of having a good flop that will let you take home the pot.

What if an unexpected flop arrives? Remember that folding is not a sin. For middlemen, you’ll more likely have a hand composed of ace and jack, king and jack, queen and ten, jack and nine, or pairs. It is said that with these cards, the odds of winning are in your favor. With suited connectors, (eight and nine, six and seven, or three and four) however, more players are needed for you to have a bigger pot to play for. Other starting hands are considered a rag. Although they have the least chances of winning, you shouldn’t easily fold. In poker, even a weak hand can sometimes win the pot if the player uses strategies to outwit the others through bluffing or analyzing their betting strategies or moves. Any of your opponents could be bluffing, betting on his or her strong hands, or just taking chances. If your instinct tells you not to push your luck, you can check or fold. Although it means that you’ll lose some money, it’s better than giving it all to your opponent. In online poker, there’s always the next round to break the losing streak.

Be aware of the differences between online and standard poker.

Indeed, rules are similar, but the way the action goes is not. One fundamental reason is that in online play, there is a total lack of tells (or visual signs). Most online players rely on speed of play. A quick bet could mean that the opponent has a strong hand. Meanwhile, delayed action most probably means that the player is analyzing the game and trying to decide for the best move with a strong hand. Just by taking note of their speed of play, you’ll get an idea what kind of players your opponents are. At the showdown, you’ll see the cards they’re betting on and draw conclusions from them.

If you’re reading your opponents through their speed of play, they’ll probably be doing the same thing on you. Beware of your actions. Don’t give away hints on what cards you’re holding. Another smart tip is to consider the fold/flop percentage. You don’t really have to get the exact numbers but observe how players fold. Is it with a bad starting hand? Or, are they just anxious of raising bets that they’re not willing to take chances? If the player seems to be staying for the pot most of the time, you can take advantage of this if you have a winning hand. There also check boxes that you can use as clues. For instance, when the player “raises” without waiting for other players, it’s a sign that he or she is playing a good hand. If the player quickly “checks,” then the hand he or she is holding must be weak. If the player ticks on “call any,” chances are, the player is holding a draw hand. Perhaps, he or she is still thinking whether or not to fold. These are just signs and not an absolutely guide to what kind of cards your opponents are holding. These will help you make observations and make good analysis of the game. Poker tips in general will tell you to avoid tilting, keep a poker face, and be conscious of your bankroll.

Consider your bankroll.

Your bankroll can limit your chances of winning. Even if you have a strong hand but can’t risk raising your bet, you may eventually have to withdraw from the table or fold. Since online poker is a game that consists of winning and losing, you need to have enough bankroll for a huge pot and to outplay your opponents. Even if you’re one of the strongest players, losing is not uncommon. To help you get back on your feet, you need to have good money-handling skills that will allow you to stay on for long periods of time at the tables. With a limited bankroll, play in tables that have the right set of betting limits for you. Your funds should not stop you from playing in high-stake tables, but you should be wise about it, if you don’t want to run out of cash. Build a good bankroll by knowing when to raise, fold, or go all-in.

A recap

In pre-flop action, unusual hand selections sometimes win but knowing what to do with premium or average hands is the key. The presence or absence of visual tells is the great difference between Net poker and land-based casino. Same with your player skills in the game, the size of your bankroll is a very crucial key to success, which includes your ability to manage the losses and wins. In online poker, some of the notable tells to look for are the speed of action, use of check boxes and chatbox, and the fold/flop percentage. Success in poker is attainable through constant play or practice, application of strategies, and developing a good instinct for winning.