Best Casino Betting System: Casino Do’s & Don’ts

Best Casino Betting System: Casino Do’s & Don’ts


1. Study and learn each games rules and codes of conduct before you even attempt to play – learn the hand signals, terminology and jargon for each type of game etc. If you are unfamiliar with a certain game rather observe quietly until you can figure it out or play one that you are familiar with.

2. Limit your play to a single machine if the casino is crowded rather than trying to play multiple machines at once, this is not only considerate towards others who may want to play but will protect you from being ripped off by scam artists while you are not being attentive.

3. You may take short breaks to go to the bathroom or stretch your legs, to reserve your spot at the tables simply tell the dealer you’ll be back and tip the back of your chair against the table, on slot machines you can leave your cup on the chair to indicate it is taken. Always respect these signs when you are looking for a machine or seat. If you need a longer break, rather give up your spot.

4. Be friendly and polite and read the mood of the table, if people are chatty and chatting to you, feel free to answer or not, but don’t be rude, abusive or offensive or offer unsolicited advice.

5. Tip your cocktail waitress if you order from her and do tip your dealer if he/she has been professional and courteous. Both of these jobs rely on tips to supplement the minimum wage earned.

6. Only smoke in designated smoking areas, most casinos have these.

7. Use an ashtray or ask for one if there isn’t one when playing slots or video poker, don’t ash in the coin tray or throw your butts in it, inevitably you or the next player will have to fish their winnings out of it.


1. Don’t sit on seats at tables or slots if you are not going to play, you will be asked to move as these seats are reserved for players only. Rather sit in seats designated around the casino floor for non-playing patrons.

2. Don’t try to hand dealers at the table cash, they are not allowed to handle it, so rather put it on the table and wait for them to take it or exchange it for chips.

3. Don’t try and get dealers to cheat for you or give you favourable treatment, they will not risk their jobs over you.

4. Don’t take photographs at gaming tables, quick snaps are one thing but casinos are sensitive about security and it may draw unwanted attention to you from pit bosses and security staff to thwart robbery or cheating.

5. Don’t interfere with other people’s bets, the dealers cards or anyone’s chips as this can quickly lead to fights and you being thrown out of the casino. Rather focus on your own bets and don’t touch anything that doesn’t belong to you.

6. Don’t get drunk and disorderly and harass casino staff, it may seem funny to you at the time but you can and will be removed from the casino if bad behaviour persists.

7. Don’t be afraid to ask questions if you are unsure, dealers are generally very helpful but don’t make a nuisance of yourself with repetitive or stupid questions that have nothing to do with the game. Is all these too much hassle? Go online casino below instead.